Ashley Benson at the Banyan Tree, Cancun

Ever gone on vacation and just…known right away that you’d made the right choice? From the moment you exit the cab and step onto the grounds, heading into the lobby to check in or what have you…and you can tell immediately that you are, for the time being, absolutely home. It’s a lovely feeling, to be sure, something that every traveler is always looking out for; it sets the mood for the rest of the vacation, really, making it a feeling of quiet but resounding importance. But upon arriving to the Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort in Riviera Maya Cancun, Mexico…you’ll likely feel that every visit. While it may be 40 minutes out from the airport, the trip is almost akin to a slow ascension into heaven – something that one Ms. Ashley Benson can vouch for, we’d wager, having recently stayed there during her Mexican vacation. There is nothing that isn’t stunning about the Banyan Tree resort, to put it simply. Every room, from the two-person Garden Pool Villa to the breathtaking, four-person Sunrise Lagoon Pool Villa, is immaculately designed to reflect both the highest standards of modern hospitality and, of course, evoke a sense of serenity only attainable in such an idyllic locale. Nothing about this Asian-inspired masterpiece is anything short of awesome, especially their Spa, which combines traditional aspects of Asian rejuvenation therapy with modern European advances – no expense is spared at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba. And there is still just so much to this resort, each feature, facility and amenity just as impressive as the last, if not more. In truth, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba sets all the standards for a proper vacation to Cancun; and it’s damn near impossible to set them any higher.

This post is posted on Monday 5 August 2013.
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